Gruppo CaronteGruppo CARONTE

Another precious artistic opportunity offered to me by my "mentor" Sabrina Olivieri (see Rainbow Singers).

In the month of april 2005 Sabrina proposes me this collaboration for one of the many activities of the Group Caronte: a particular selection from "Jesus Christ Superstar". In the lineup there are three voices: one of the two male ones is vacant, and she thinks that I'm fitting the role. Usually, despite my perplexity, she's always benn right...

logo JCSAfter having eated scores (how hard, when for a long time you're not used to read music!) and recordings for days to study my parts, on May 5th I have my first "solo" rehearsals at Sabrina's house, and on the 15th with the full band; I'm not at my best, because the period is giving me some extra-musical problems, but I do quite well. On May 21st it's already showtime, and even if I'm not healthy yet the things go discretely fine (but not enough for my heavy self-criticizing tendency...).

Anyway the musicians express satisfaction for the "reborn" project, and the collaboration officially begins.

Unfortunately, due to the "interferences" of a band member, in 2006 I'm left out of the project and replaced by... a friend of that person! Even worse, I discover this change by accident and only in August 2007. Talking about communication...

For my only Caronte concert, besides myself (covering as a soloist the parts of Caiaphas, Pontius Pilate and Jesus) the lineup included Sabrina Olivieri and Piergiorgio Pardo (both Rainbow Singers) on vocals; Alberto Martinelli on violin; Luigi Signori on electric bass; Gabriele Toia on piano; Giorgio Tonelli on sax and clarinet; Elena Trovato on harp; Giusi Turra as the storyteller.


Heaven On Their Mind
Everything's Alright
This Jesus Must Die
Pilate's Dream
I Don't Know How To Love Him
The Last Supper
Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)
King Herod's Song
Trial Before Pilate