What else happens?
Things that keep me busy, ideas that could become reality, and other losses of time
(last updated: 26 November 2010)

The Italian Job

(status: composing & selecting covers)

A Total Soul Band + an album. Stay tuned for more details.

Voices, only?
(status: suspended)

At the beginning of 2008, me and another crazy guy decided to assemble an "a cappella" vocal group. The idea is to have four or five voices, with a repertoire based on covers, covers, covers & still covers, even ultra-famous ones but heavily rearranged, with an added flavour of cabaret. We are looking for either male or female vocalists, with very good solo and choral skills and a good on-field experience, and a good dose of self-irony.

As of today, nothing happened due to many "interferences"; however, the idea is still one of my preferred ones.

...Any candidates?


(status: sorting)

Pick one: guitar + keyboards (both vocalists) with and without backing tracks, voice + piano (all live), voice + guitar, two singers (me and a female voice) + backing tracks and a little bit of keys... Always coupled with some very good friends of mine.

At the moment, only the first two versions have concrete startup possibilities. Stay tuned!