This is a confession.

For a long time I tried to resist to my obsession, to hide it to the world, but one day I decided that I couldn't go on this way, and I wrote all the truth about it so that everybody would know: I am a Serial Singer.

When I was a child I used to sing entire songs the day after having listened to them for the first time, from the radio or the TV, and I already was not ashamed of doing it in front of strangers, like they were my crowd.
Then I started collecting records, rapidly going from the common pop music of those times to more selected stuff; by listening to albums of historical artists, I also began to understand and appreciate (musically speaking) the english language.

After so much listening, I then began singing and playing keyboards (as a complete autodidact) in bands with no future, but that was enough to inseminate in me the germ of the passion. Soul, rock, jazz, gospel, beat, blues, pop... I don't need such a big effort to go from a genre to another, like a chameleon changes the color of his skin: in both cases it's just a matter of survival.

On the job, under the shower, driving the car, following a tune coming from some noisy radio station, or superimposing my voice to what I'm listening from my home stereo: there is no occasion in which it's impossibile for me to start singing something; sometimes it's just a humming, a closed-mouth melody, but that's enough for me to face my abstinence crisis.

I konw I'm not the only one in the world in this state, and that's another reason why I decided not to hide anymore. Now I know that I can cohabit with my obsessive passion, also because I couldn't live without Her.