Historical Projects

This section contains closed adventures, part-time projects and occasional performances; here you will find the bands that don't exist anymore or those that I'm no longer part of, and those projects that don't involve me at full time.

The historical quartet from which OverBox are born.
A band that no longer exists, then becomed the Blue-Eyed Soul Team (see below).
With this band I participated to my first official recording, and I had my first real gigs outside Italy.
In this band I substituted on some occasions one of the official vocalists.
A particular group with a catalogue of different shows, one of which (their rendition of "Jesus Christ Superstar") required my presence for a single show.
Evolution of the Marcus Pepper Love Revue (see above); I've been with the band for about a year and a half.
Modern gospel with six or more voices: too many years of highs and lows.
Hard Blues quartet: two years, many problems and few results.

In addition to these bands there are other musical adventures that I want to remember, even if in a less detailed way.