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After having solved a bunch of annoyances, yesterday night the BEST show at the "Dalì" in Pavia has been more successful than expected; preceded by the powerful and convincing beat of the Cavemen (great job boys, see ya next time!!), our tracklist has... completed the warm-up of the "dancing crowd" that filled the place for the whole night.

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LAST MINUTE: The concert of the BEST in Pavia scheduled on next Saturday has changed location and hour!!

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Don't miss at least one of the two next BEST shows, because the band is evaluating a temporary suspension of the live activity after these dates, in order to work on some significant "upgrades"; therefore, these could be the only chances to taste the band in the "phase one" of its history!!

A new project, a... "new" band: OverBox presents "Who's Jimmy". I'm still working on the italian version of the related stuff, so let me just say that it's an expanded version of OverTime with piano and strings (!!!), assembling a show based on songs by The Who, mostly but not exclusively taken from "Quadrophenia".

A special note for the international visitors: the italian-reading visitors of the site had the chance to read more other news occurred in the past months; I know this is no surprise for the ones who discovered this site a while ago, but this time it's not just a matter of choosing what to exclude from the "international" news due to strictly "local" interest: some of the things that are bubbling under may become official in the near future, and that will be the time to tell the whole story in plain english as well, but some other adventures have such a short living that I prefer not to spend a lot of time in describing their "rise and fall", especially when I thought that things couldn't sound so interesting for foreign websurfers. One thing is for sure: I'm having a lot of fun, to be shared with you very soon if you will.

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The two April concerts for the BEST have been confirmed, and the band is working on a few summer dates as well.

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A new concert for the BEST has been added to the calendar of events where you will also find the link to the location's website, with all the details on how to reach it.

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Even if I don't update the site, it doesn't mean that nothing is happening!

While some of the main acts of my "catalogue" are languishing (it's not the case of the BEST, that is quietly progressing on every front), a bunch of new "scenarios" opened or evolved in the last weeks, but I don't want to talk about them too soon; some of them were born a few months ago and have recently done some significant steps ahead, some others are just new proposals that I'm evaluating.

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...and especially the ones that are friends of mine!!!

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Yesterday, among other things, I had (ehm...) a hard day's night at the "Casa 139" of Milano (I gigged there with the Love Revue on November 2004), and up there I meet a guy who left a deep mark in the recent history of Soul music in general, despite not being a musician: the Scottish legendary DJ Keb Darge, author of some of the most incredible compilations of these years (e.g. the "Legendary Deep Funk" series), a monster talent spent in search of rare gems (sometimes completely unreleased) hidden in the depths of the musical market.

The meeting moved from his dedicated autographs on the booklets of his records that I own, to the delivery of a demo CD by the Blue-Eyed Soul Team, that he claimed to have as soon as he knew that I'm the singer of a soul band, so now there's the risk that a worldwide acclaimed disc-jockey such as him will let dance his crowd around the world over... our notes!! And now he also has my email...

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Look at the Blue-Eyed Soul Team in action on its first photo gallery, on the bottom after the Love Revue ones.

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The Blue-Eyed Soul Team is working on a new date, probably on March 3; some new proposals are coming from France for Mike Painter & The Family Shakers; still in March there could be a concert by OverTime coupled with CaFePaRì.
We will see...

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While I'm looking for an editor for my book (in Italian only, so far...), and I'm working on the future official site of the Blue-Eyed Soul Team, today I also began the remastering of the recording of our show happened last Friday; surely I will soon publish some extracts of it on this site (or on the band's one, if it will be launched in the meantime).

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Yesterday night, first gig in 2006 for the Blue-Eyed Soul Team, that "cleaned up" the Humus Club surpassing any optimistic expectations with a concert of which we're anxiously waiting for the (wow!) audio and video recordings; some photos of the night will be published soon on this site, and shortly also on the official site of the band that's under construction. Stay tuned!!!

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On the Net the rumors are growing about the next BEST show on next Friday; the night will include a paintings exhibition by the maestro Landi (he is also a great musical photographer), and then a DJ Set will follow, for dancing till... Sunday!!

Blue-Eyed Soul Team

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The next concert of the BEST is finally confirmed.

Wilson Pickett - Un'AvventuraBack to top of page20/01/2006 - Goodbye to Wilson Pickett

I cannot remain indifferent to the news of the death (occurred yesterday at the age of 64) of one of my myths: Wilson Pickett.

During the years I had two opportunities to see him live in concert; maybe I will tell about them in the future. For those who don't know during his career he had also sung in italian: here on the right you see the front cover of one of his singles.

Another historical figure of Music (without adding Soul or anything else) is gone.

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My repertoire archive is growing; now it includes some Italian songs as well.

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My PC has been out of order for 4 days! For the most curious ones with technical knowledge, I had "lost" the BIOS...

Now I added a date in the calendar, and shortened these news as I do periodically.

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The... Epiphany edition of the site includes some news:

I decided not to go on with the Leftovers page that I planned some weeks ago, because I prefer to create in the near future some separate pages for different arguments; some of the things that I wanted to put in the cancelled page are now at the bottom of the Bio.

I did some slight changes to the Lyrics page.

A new page is born: the Repertoire! To me it's very funny to see what kind of messy stuff I use to sing...

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I finally did a quick'n'dirty translation of the Blue-Eyed Soul Team intro!

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While waiting to come back to the right timezone after the time warps of New Year's Eve, I wish a marvellous 2006 to all the visitors of the site, for which I'm still working on some modifications that are not very noticeable, at least so far: an example is the copyright indication on the footer of almost all pages.

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