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Some news: now it's possible to contact OverBox at a specific email address, as set in the band's page, and I added the Authors column in the page of my repertoire.

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The project Wasabi Devotion has been finally included in the navigation menu and in my bio page as well, even if it's still affected by some kind of mistery...

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Back from holiday; just give me time to recall my scenarios (and my notorious english translations)...

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...OK, I'll give up! Have a listening to the OverBox sampler; I hope you'll enjoy it!! I also put in the band page an "advance contact" email link just in case; all messages will be replied after July 30.

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...The OverBox demo is finally ready!!!!!

Tomorrow I will leave for a short holiday in Greece, coming back at month end; expect some audio samples as soon as I come back!

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OK, stop digressing.

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Yesterday night the OverBox project had its first live showcase within the benefit concert "Canzoni Per Un Amico" ("Songs For A Friend"). The live act has been hugely acclaimed and appreciated, despite the technical limitations of the stage set (which affected all the artists of the show).

We played five songs: The Real Me (sung by Raffaella Stirpe), The Punk And The Godfather, The Dirty Jobs, I'm One, Doctor Jimmy. After this field test, we'll try to complete our demo by the first half of July, then we will start the promotion of the project.

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Minor updates and corrections on some pages (try to find them!), and many on the concerts archive (still ongoing).

On the music front, it seems that before the end of month I will have some recordings related to a couple of projects, to be probably posted here in one way or another.

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My calendar has gained some new dates; in many cases some significant details are still missing (i.e., ehm... the band's name!!!) but in the case of the BEST's show I see that on the whole Internet we haven't yet been included in the programs of the event for which we should do the "opening act"...

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Here is a new section of the site, launched just a few days ago in the italian version: the "What Else Happens?" page; it will contain info about what's bubbling under, just to show that "something is happening" even if it doesn't seem so, regardless of the fact that any of these projects or ideas will become a serious addition to my curriculum or just another waste of time...

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I did some little updating here and there, and I published the english version of the page about the OverBox project.

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