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I decided to close the year by offering you a live recording of "(I Know) I'm Losing You" by the BEST, downloadable for registered users: a tribute to the band I left this year.

I will update the site tomorrow for year end comments and all the rest. Meanwhile, (no pun intended) BEST WISHES to you all!!!

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I don't like Christmas (anymore): too much chaos, exaggerated expenses, stunned people... and I'm sorry for who still "believe it". Then it happens to hear the news about the final journey, occurred just at the beginning of this day, of a man with such a banal and famous name: James Brown. For further info about him, if really needed, you may visit a zillion other web sites; I have no words.

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It seems that the casting I joined exactly one month ago has been closed, and I haven't been called for any new auditions. Sigh!

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I couldn't resist putting online an OverBox rehearsals recording of "Love Reign O'er Me", downloadable for registered users: a sort of Christmas gift...

Talking about something else, in the last days the Wasabi Devotion trio has done the final version of one of its tracks, thanks to the job done in a qualified recording studio in Bologna with two extraordinaire partners; at the moment I am not authorised to tell more than this...
If you are happy with a demo version (good but uncomparable with the one just produced), go to the band's site or its MySpace area, both reachable from my dedicated page.

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The flu (or sort of) is getting me crazy these days, while I'm overloaded with rehearsals for the musical comedy planned for end of January.

In the meantime I received some GMail accounts to spread, so you just have to register to my site and then the free account; this is valid for the already registered uers as well: just and I will send you the activation code!

If you noticed the "empty" item in the navigation menu about a new upcoming band and wondered why it is still in that "under construction" state, that's because the underlying project is fully progressing but not officially launched yet for several reasons; read more about it in the "What Else..." page.

...And get ready for some news about Wasabi Devotion before Christmas...

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The OverBox are "on holiday" till next year, but I added on their page the final sequence of songs included in the "Who's Jimmy" show.

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I published some pictures of the last Blue-Eyed Soul Team show.

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I just closed my adventure with the BEST, and somebody is already pushing me for starting a new soul band! I wanted to postpone this idea till next year, but I will probably accelerate the startup phase.


I'm waiting for the response of an important casting where I reached the second phase of selections;

I've been asked to join a musical (!!!) scheduled for a single mid-February date in an important theatre in Milan;

some dates are coming for a couple of my new bands in the first quarter of 2007;

Wasabi Devotion (who's having a lot of success on its MySpace page) is scheduling a professional studio session;

OverBox is adding more details and stuff to the "Who's Jimmy" show, which will be showcased as soon as possible (hopefully on January or February).


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If you are not yet convinced to see the BEST in concert tomorrow, check the new contents reserved to the registered users that I just published: the 5 demo songs recorded in studio by the band, still in full quality and length.
...Not subscribed yet? C'mon!!!

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My last concert with the BEST is confirmed.

I finally published the first contents reserved to the registered users of the site: the 6 demo songs recorded in studio by OverBox, in full quality and length. In the next days other stuff will follow.
...Not subscribed yet? Click here or on the key at bottom left!

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The concert of November 17, if it will take place, will be my last one with the BEST; many disagreements with some members of the band convinced me to do so. I'm very sorry for all those people who enjoyed my and our job at the concerts and in the recording studio, but I have no other choice for allowing the band to go its own way.

As a technical consequence of this decision, I closed the band's page on MySpace because it was connected to an email address (now disabled) of my site.

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Halloween!...What if I tell you that I activated the users subscription system?

For the moment you won't find any reserved area to visit, but you may begin the subscriptions! Just click on the key at the bottom left. The system is still under test, therefore some minor weirdness may occur (the major issue should be already solved)... Let me know.

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The users registration system would be basically ready, but unfortunately I discovered a data security problem, so I'm forced not to use it (at least temporarily). I will look for an alternative solution having a quick implementation time, and probably will be a mailing list system offerred by my server provider.

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While I finish the users registration system (within month end as promised), you can start using the services of the (just opened) pages on MySpace dedicated to OverBox, Wasabi Devotion (whose graphics will be managed by Big Mojo) and BEST; you will find the link button at the bottom of the bands' pages.

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Just a little more patience before you can access the services reserved to the registered user of the site: I'm testing the subscriptions management.

Among the thousand things I'm playing with, I wish to mention a few of them: a casting for an important musical, and the recording of the demo for the six-voices gospel group launched at the end of September; a page on MySpace for the Wasabi Devotion project is also on the way.

But there's more: as already told a few days ago, the OverBox (I just retouched their presentation page) are evaluating the opportunity of doing a "preview show" of the project "Who's Jimmy", with a reduced set of song in comparison to the final version and almost certainly without the narrative part (I worte its first draft in these days), basically an hour of concerto with songs of the Who from Quadrophenia and around, in a location to be decided (there are some ongoing contacts); the event, expected between December and January, should include another band as opening act, with my friends CaFePaRì on top of the list.

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In the next days I will activate a system of subscription for the site users, for giving access to reserved contents and additional services; I should do it before month end.

I'm also building a couple of MySpace pages for OverBox and BEST; they are already active, but almost empty. Try to find them...

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I just came back from a gig that marks the relaunch of an old project; see on top of this page.

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Some very important news: the BEST lineup is officially including a new female singer; her name is Marcella Casciaro, and she outclassed around thirty other competitors in the long selection occurred in the last months.

The arrival of a positive and talented person like Marcella is the first step for the renewal of the band, which from now on will focus much more on the variety and quality of the "vocal contents" available, including a more important role for Claudia Serra who is proving to be in a significant period of personal growth.

The premiere for the updated lineup is actually scheduled on November 17.

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I did a few changes to the navigation menu, moving some bands and adding an intro page about the "historical projects" section; I also added the image on the bottom left corner that will accompany me during my 45th year...

Dr. Soul @ 45Back to top of page08/09/2006 - Turning 45!!!

It's not the announcement for the release of an old-style record, it's my 45th birthday.

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After a summer quite full of events, I expect a lot of very important news coming in autumn, and I really mean a lot more than usual.

First, in a few days the BEST will attend a radio special including a live show, and all this will be aired by the K-Rock Radio station during the "Festival dell'Unità" in Reggio Emilia; till the last minute there will be a chance to be joined by a new female vocalist... but we're not in a hurry.

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