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Torna all'inizio della pagina31/05/2007 - When the show must go on

I'm closing a terrible month, with lots of bad events not related to music; sorry if I didn't translate everything but it was very hard to find the energy and the wish to update this site...

Let's hope that June will be better.

Anyway, one of the best things happened in this period has been the Burpers' show on May 19; some other dates should follow this summer, also for other bands.

Torna all'inizio della pagina11/05/2007 - SO GOSPEL

Now the name is official, therefore the project of the gospel sextet + choir is now listed in the navigation menu, pointing to its dedicated page (under construction). A couple of demo songs are already available for registered users as usual, and there are also some upcoming concerts in the specific page.

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Due to some unfortunate events, I cannot launch my new soul band yet; this project is on hold but it will surely be taken back as soon as possible.

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I opened my personal page on MySpace; it's still under construction but already growing. Have a look!!

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After months of rehearsals, several discussions and (yes!) one concert, here is the official name of the new "Hard Blues" band I'm part of: ladies and gentlemen, THE BURPERS! Read all about it on the dedicated page, where you will also find the link to its official site (just opened).

In the next days I will finally launch my new soul band as well; stay tuned!

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Ehm... sort of busy times for doing translations AND no big news for you foreign webvisitors... Meanwhile, have a look at the OverBox slideshow on their MySpace page!!

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I finally got an ADSL connection! This will soon allow me to add some bigger contents to the site.

showcase ticketBack to top of page08/02/2007 - Who's Jimmy? Ask to OverBox!

Now it's official: Thursday 1st March at 10 pm the OverBox will do a showcase of the "Who's Jimmy" show, with a short presentation of the project, a live show and a "question time".

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I added on my Blue-Eyed Soul Team page the link to their new MySpace area, opened a few days ago (not by me...).

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I uploaded a couple of lyrics: the first two Wasabi Devotion songs!

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It's been a year full of big emotions; some of them were sad but many great things happened.

Two projects have taken off in 2006 and they are doing very well: OverBox has been slowed down by some dramatic "external interferences" (don't really wanna talk about them, but I wish all my best to who's coping with that), but we are just late by a few months; Wasabi Devotion started as a joke and it's taking a serious shape, with some concrete news expected in January.

Visit this page to see how many other things are still open or already running in the background!

On the negative side:

I left the Blue-Eyed Soul Team; they are still asking me to come back (thanks, mates!) but for now I cannot go back. In "that box" I left some incomplete originals, but I haven't thrown away anything...

I closed an unsatisfying job with an agency of the jazz circuit, because it didn't match my expectations.

There are more things to say (look at the italian news and see how bigger they are!) but I don't want to bore you so much; I just want to say that 2006 has given me many unforgettable moments. Now, on with the 2007 show!!

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