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Back to top of page16/08/2007 - Another presence on the web

Go visit the just-born MySpace page of the Burpers, managed by Nicola Fassi.

Back to top of page01/08/2007 - Five digits!

The access counter of the site reached the fifth digit! I never planned to have such a big amount of visits, and this surely makes me feel good. THANKS TO EVERYBODY!!!

Yesterday I finished my recordings (vocals and keyboards) for OverBox; the final mixing will begin in the next days, so there's a chance to finish the whole job more quickly than expected.

Back to top of page15/07/2007 - Waiting for Jimmy

Some delays for the OverBox: the first true concert of "Who's Jimmy", expected for the end of August, has been cancelled for bureaucracy reasons, while the new studio recordings should finalize only after summer.

Apparently for this and other project there will be a busy September...

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As planned, yesterday the OverBox team returned to the 99 Studio a year after their first demo, to begin recording five more songs for the "Who's Jimmy" project; hopefully they will be finished in July, and made available here to registered users as usual.

Back to top of page06/06/2007 - Back to the future

While I'm collecting many possible dates for various live shows, the OverBox project leaves its forced hybernation and comes back to life, with a rehearsal session planned in a few days; this would probably be followed by preliminary work for the next recording session.

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