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Back to top of pageMon. 31/12/2007 (12:50am) - See you!

I'm sorry for the lack of english updates, but many things distracted me so much on the "local" side of life, therefore I come back only today for just wishing you all the best for 2008. In the next days I should publish a "2007 yearly report" and some expectations for my next year, so come back soon and enjoy. Thank you all!

Back to top of pageThu. 01/11/2007 (10:20pm) - Updated track

In the mixing of the latest OverBox demos we missed a problem of volume on Raffaella's voice, therefore since today a corrected (also on other details) version of "Love Reign O'er Me" is available, and you may also listen to it from the MySpace page of the band.

Back to top of page03/10/2007 (11:15am) - ...Jimmy!!

Registered user, go to the OverBox page and download ALL the new "Who's Jimmy" tracks in their final version, including a gorgeous"Love Reign O'er Me" sung by Raffaella!!!

If you can't stand the poor performance of my server (I'm working on that...), you may go to the band's MySpace page (and on my own page as well) to listen to some tracks directly, and (please!) vote for us in the music contest that you'll find there...

Back to top of page06/09/2007 (4:45pm) - Third anniversary, and back to concerts

Today this site becomes three years old! "GRAZIE MILLE" to all those who visited it and who joined me in my "musical missions"!!!

In these days ALL projects are moving a lot, and yesterday night we just arranged the first two live gigs of the new "concerts season" for The Burpers.

Back to top of page03/09/2007 - As promised

If you are a registered user, go to the OverBox page to download the new "Who's Jimmy" tracks in high quality!!! One by one, I suggest...

Back to top of page01/09/2007 - OverBox are back

Go to the OverBox page (or on their MySpace page) to listen to my new demo medley of "Who's Jimmy" tracks! And if you are a registered user, come back soon to download all the full songs!!!

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