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Back to top of pageFri. 18/09/2009 (17:09) - Free access

After such a long time, a quick update for foreign users!

From now on, as a celebration of the first five years of this site, you won't have to register (or login, if you already registered) to access special contents of this site, including music files. I decided to remove the users management code also because it was causing me some problems, and the original developer seems out of business...

Before the end of month I will contact all those of you who registered with a dedicated email message.

Back to top of pageFri. 20/03/2009 (12:35) - Alive and kicking

After a long silence (as usual), here are some news for you fellows.

On March 12 Wasabi Devotion released their first single "Love Yourself", available on digital music sites and as a limited edition CD.

A new show for the mighty OverTime is under schedule: it will be an unplugged gig after many years, so I am pleased to welcome back the OverTime Unplugged Quartet.

There are a couple of other things bubbling under, but I'm not going to shoot all my shots in a single turn! Wait and see... ;-)

Back to top of pageFri. 30/01/2009 (14:15) - Back in action

I'm back! Well, at least I'm trying to...

Next week I will be moving to my new house, and I hope to come back to the Web soon (but I won't have any Internet access for a while more, therefore my updates will still remain unfrequent as the previous months); in the meantime, I can already tell you that Wasabi Devotion is the first project that has restarted in this year, with big news (i.e. the official release of a single, at last!).

A couple of weeks ago I also went back on stage for the first time in this 2009 for a great jam session; another good sign for the new year.

Stay in touch for the other stuff to come: this will be a monster of a year!

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