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Back to top of pageSat. 16/10/2010 (16:44) - ALPHATAURUS!!!

At last! An international update after months of silence, unless you enjoy passing my italian pages through an online translator ;-)

In July I began a new adventure: I'm the new singer of the prog-rock band ALPHATAURUS, a cult band which did a highly appreciated self-titled album in 1973 and then disappeared until... today!

The band is going to come back on stage on November 6, together with two other historical groups of the same period; then it will begin the recording of a new album.

Talking about non-music news: at the end of June I became father of a marvellous baby girl, and that's the main reason for my reduced updates (even in italian). Should I say more?

Back to top of pageWed. 28/04/2010 (10:21) - Life after "Who's Jimmy"

So we did it at last: the "Who's Jimmy" dream has become reality! Last weekend we premiered it at the Teatro Arca in Milano, getting great feedbacks despite the acoustics of the location, which contributed with some... undesired feedbacks ;-)

Now the job is not done completely: we are collecting as much stuff as possible to assemble a "promo media pack" for the show, and in the meantime we already opened some other windows on the band and the project: an OverBox page on Facebook and a WordPress blog page. These pages are only in italian at the moment, but some english contents will come.

Foir a better interaction on many subjects (not only related to music) I also decided to open my own blog on WordPress too: you may reach it by clicking the WP button on the left; as above, english contents will be included every now and then, probably more often than I did for this site (which will remain active anyway).

...Did I tell you that I'm on Facebook as well?

Back to top of pageSat. 13/02/2010 (17:49) - The (re)birth of OverBox & "Who's Jimmy"

I'm proud to inform you that, after a long search for replacement members and a massive reworking of the project, the mighty OverBox team is now rehearsing with its new lineup, for reaching the goal of the long-awaited "Who's Jimmy" premiere, on stage next April! Stay tuned!!!

Back to top of pageFri. 08/01/2010 (21:55) - Reboot

After a hardware problem on my main PC occurred around the end of the year, I'm back to the site. No big news updates today for you non-italian visitors, but expect to find something for you during this year, not like the scarce 2009 updates. I promise!

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