In this page I wish to remember the artists which I had joined even just for a very short time, a show, a rehearsal, an improvised session which could be worth mentioning.

(For this "international" version of the page I decided to include so far only the... international artists)

"Ace" Solazzo

In the Eighties, before starting the adventure named OverTime, I played with a singer/guitar player of italo-american origins, Christian Solazzo nicknamed "Ace", true fan of Jimi Hendrix. His regular job brought him temporarily in Italy (for the happiness of the women who punctually gave up to his wooing), but his passion for music could not remain at home so, through some quick contacts, he built a band that included me on keyboards and my old friend Stefano Veggetti (a tasteful guitar player) on bass guitar.

Who knows when I will find the time to tell everything about this story, that briefly tempted me to move to the States...
(to be continued...)

The Irish Wedding

Summer of 1995. A friend of mine is going to marry an Irish girl who's living in Italy since years, but the wedding will take place in Ireland; I'm in the group of Italians who will couple the event to a nice holiday. At the wedding party in the Hotel Corrib Great Southern there is a live band playing, the Declan Carroll Band, a quartet of "no longer youngsters" who surprises everybody with their energy and cleverness, and for the wide range of their repertoire; the spouse, already knowing me as a singer, don't miss the chance and ask me to join the band for a jam session.

After a short consultation with her players-friends, we jump on a brilliant "Blue Suede Shoes" followed by a more sober "Mustang Sally"; the crowd appreciate very much and the Italians are pleasantly surprised ("listen how he sings, that Irish!"), and after having revealed the unexpected truth about my origins, it's just a matter of minutes before we double the experiment with a highly successful "The Dock Of The Bay" (with hamonised backing vocals seeming perfectly rehearsed, but absolutely improvised), joined to a massively danced "Johnny Be Goode" that closes triumphantly my Irish experience. Unforgettable, as well as the holiday around the south of the green island, graced by one of the most beautiful summer seasons in the last hundred years, as confirmed to us by the natives we met.