Who's Jimmy

a story of classic-rock notes
for who's (always / been) a teenager

Before the beginning of an important concert, a musician reminds the birth of his musical passion, when he was a teenager, comparing himself to the protagonist of a rock opera by the historical British band The Who.

The concert becomes a tale blending present with past, into juvenile schizophrenia, the discovery of feelings, the refusal of life as imposed by “the system” of the adults (trying to escape from it, even through self-destructive choices), and the big decisions which give us the gift of consciousness and may give a meaning to all the rest.

The “soundtrack”, played fully live, is the real core of the show; a selection of songs written by Pete Townshend, The Who's main composer and guitar player, many ones taken from the album Quadrophenia and all of them chosen from the production of the legendary band in the Seventies.

The plot of the story develops with the help of narration breaks between the songs, and with the visual support of multimedia contents.

The instrumental arrangements of OverBox have the peculiarity of marrying solid British rock of the 70's with contaminations from the world of classical music. The comprehensive result is an original challenge, standing in between a pure prog-rock concert, a story told by songs, and the precious tribute to one of the most important groups in the whole music history.

(to be continued...)


Claudio Falcone
vocals and keyboards
Jader Laurora
Francesco Moretti
electric basses
Giovanni Moretti
Carlo Buongiovanni
pianoforte and keyboards (2010)
Alessia Piantoni
vocals (2010)
Raffaella Stirpe
violin and vocals (2006-2007)
Claudio Tarantola
pianoforte and keyboards (2006-2007)

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videoclipon YouTube: a photographic videoclip built over the studio version of "I'm One".

sampler medley 1 - from the first demo CD of the band (2006).

sampler medley 2 - from the second demo CD of the band (2007).

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