go to the official site of Mike Painter & The Family ShakersIt's the first half of 2002; my friend Flavio "Captain Stax" Candiani tells me that Michele Pingitore, our common mate plus long-time Hammondist, is creating little by little in his personal recording studio a solo album, in which he would enjoy also a (more or less) vocal contribution.

On one of the songs, the future title-track, he wants to add a captivating "rap" in the way of the James Brown's MC or some old-style disc-jockeys (think about Jerry-O, for those who know him), for urging the listeners to dance over the notes by Mike Painter (internationalized nickname chosen after a long brainstorming between me, the Captain and him) and his groove.

The night of 21 May 2002 me and the Captain go to the Blind Alley Studio of our organist, with the intention to compose and record the vocals of that song. It's the birth of Go Up!, that will become my first song as an author to be officially published on a record (and much later it will also become my first song as an author to be pressed on... a 45 vinyl record). Subsequently the track will pass through a long treatment of arrangements and finishing touches, finally reaching the definitive version that will open the homonymous album.

Note that, from one of the phrases of the lyrics composed by me, the Captain will take inspiration for naming his new recording label for which the album (that he co-financed) will be issued: Sexy Groovy Rhythms.
The scan of the original lyrics sheet as I wrote it that night is available here:
Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 2 reversed (there's a reason...)

Even if the album is played almost entirely by Pingitore and some guests, the record is ascribed for expediency to a proper band: the Family Shakers. After the pressing of the album in 2003, with the expectation of some live dates it becomes necessary to really build a band, and this is done in a short time; but in the record there is only one song that needs the presence of a singer, and it's also the song which should push the album (in fact it will be issued as a single in 2004)... In short, there's the need of a part-time singer.

Official flyer of the first international concert of the bandAt first I guarantee my availability only for the shows that are not "far from home", but at the same time the band starts thinking about adding other sung tracks to the repertoire, therefore I gradually become a full-time member of the Family Shakers, although the repertoire of the band remains mostly instrumental.

Since then I missed only one gig of this band which offers a sounds that bounces between funk, soul-jazz and bits of other influences, always captivating and pleasant.


Initially the band includes the following musicians: Michele Pingitore alias Mike Painter on Hammond organ and various keyboards; Roberto "Gato" Barbieri (who also played in the album) on saxophone; Ivan Padovani (also playing in the album, even if on just one track like me) on trumpet; Gino De Angelis on bass guitar; Giancarlo Di Fiore on lead guitar; Roberto Tosi on drums; and then there's me.

In May 2004, after having covered the duty of a double show in Bologna + the Elba island, Roberto Tosi leaves the team due to problems not related to the band, and he's replaced by Luca Griselli on drums.

Another international concert of the band - click to view the official flyer

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Beat Me Till I'm Blue - recorded live on July 24, 2005 at Sottomarina di Chioggia during the "Hammond Boom Boom" festival; source: my Canon A80 digital camera (!!!) in videoclip mode.

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