This list is not intended as any kind of "endorsement" about the listed items!
* An asterisk after the name indicates the instruments bought used.
** Two asterisks after the name indicates the instruments received as a gift or for free.
If the name is in orange, the instrument is broken or not fully working at the moment.
(last updated: 13 March 2018)

Microphones and audio

Sennheiser MD416-U, Shure BETA 58A, Electro-Voice N/D767a * and Shure PG58 ** dynamic microphones
SM Pro Audio TC01 * tube preamp & compressor
dbx 286A * and Focusrite VoiceMaster Platinum * mic preamps with signal processors
Aphex mod. 612 * and dbx 274 * expanders-gates
Rolls/RFX RP93S Patchwork * MIDI-controlled audio switcher
Montarbo PROMIX 573 12-inputs analog stereo mixer
Kawai MX-8SR * 16-inputs analog stereo rack mixer
TAPCO (by Mackie) 6306 * 6-inputs analog stereo mixer
Fostex VM200 * & Event EZbus * digital mixers
Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 audio & MIDI interface
Presonus Firestation * ADAT converter
Farfisa TR70-OS & Laney AH50 ** combo amplifier
dB Technology MB80 powered monitor
Zoom 7010 Fire * mini-amplifier with effects


Farfisa VIP-370 analog electronic organ
ELEX K3 * analog electronic piano
Yamaha DX7 polyphonic synthesizer with Grey Matter E! expansion board
Korg 707 * strap-on polyphonic synthesizer
Radikal Technologies Accelerator * polyphonic synthesizer (with one DSP expansion)
Korg Wavestation EX polyphonic synthesizer
Kawai K4 * polyphonic synthesizer
Ensoniq VFX-SD * polyphonic synthesizer
Novation UltraNova * polyphonic synthesizer & vocoder
Yamaha SY35 * polyphonic synthesizer
Roland D-50 * polyphonic synthesizer
M-Audio Venom * polyphonic synthesizer
Alesis Micron * polyphonic synthesizer
Waldorf Blofeld KB (black) * polyphonic synthesizer
Korg TR 76 * music workstation
Kawai K5000W "Enhanced" * music workstation
GEM Equinox 61 * music workstation
Korg Prophecy * and Monotron * monophonic synthesizers

MIDI sound modules

Soundart Chameleon * programmable audio DSP engine
Yamaha MU100R * XG compatible sound module with VH-100 * & VL-100 * expansion boards
Roland P-55 * piano sound module
Alesis QuadraSynth S4 Plus * and QSR * sound modules
E-mu UltraProteus * sound module
Ensoniq MR-Rack * sound module
Kurzweil 1000 PX Plus * sound module (expanded as 1200 Pro I)
Yamaha TG77 * & FB-01 * sound modules
Voce V3 * tonewheel organ synthesizer with MIDI Drawbar ** controller
Evolution Synthesis EVS-1 * digital synthesis sound module
Technics sx-WSA1R * acoustic modeling sound module
Casio VZ-10M * sound module
Roland M-VS1 * and XV-5050 * sound modules
Korg Wavestation SR *, 01R/W *, TR-Rack * and NS5R * sound modules
Kawai K1m * tabletop sound module
Arturia Origin Desktop * Virtual Analog DSP tabletop sound module
Zoom RhythmTrak RT--323 * rhythm unit

Sound processors

Yamaha SPX-90 digital effects processor
Lexicon Vortex * & MPX 1 * digital effects processors
Sony DPS-M7 *, DPS-D7 * and DPS-F7 ** digital effects processors
Boss SE-70 * digital effects processor
Ensoniq DP/2 * digital effects processor
Alesis Akira * & QuadraVerb Plus * digital effects processors
Digitech TSR-24S * digital effects processor
Zoom 9150 Valve DSP * DSP effects processor with valve preamp
Vesta DIG-410 * digital delay
Digitech JamMan Solo XT phrase sampler & looper (2 units: 1 *)
TC-Helicon VoiceWorks Plus * vocal effects processor & harmonizer

MIDI controllers & processors

Studiologic VMK-188 Plus and Edirol PCR-300 * MIDI master keyboards & controllers
Roland AX-7 * MIDI keytar controller
M-Audio Keystation 32 ** USB mini keyboard (first edition)
Yamaha YDD60 * and DD-55 * electronic drum machines
Yamaha MFC10 * and Rolls/RFX MP1288 MIDIWizard * MIDI foot controllers
Behringer BCR2000 *, Evolution UC-33e *, Korg padKontrol *, Arturia BeatStep * and Kawai MM-16 * tabletop MIDI controllers
Casio DH-100 * and Yamaha WX11 * MIDI wind controllers
Mad Catz Mustang Pro * and Inspired Instruments YRG Gen2 Radius * MIDI guitar controller
Roland PK-5 * MIDI bass pedalboard
MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV-USB * rack MIDI interface
Miditemp MP-44 * MIDI player & matrix
JL Cooper Nexus Plus * MIDI patchbay
Waldorf MIDIBAY MB-15 * MIDI patchbay
Anatek SMP-16 * MIDI and audio patchbay
Yamaha MEP4 * MIDI event processor
MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus * pocket MIDI event processor
M-Audio Mid Air * MIDI wireless system & USB interface

Other stuff

SaeHan SDC63 ** acoustic guitar with built-in pickup
DG De Gregorio Yaquì Makassar cajón
LP Latin Percussion Cyclops LP150 hand tambourine
Hohner Blues Harp diatonic harmonica (tuned in G)
Tycoon Percussion Twin Shakers
Tycoon Percussion TWM-70 hand cowbell

The huge computer hardware and software (Atari ST, Mac, PC) is voluntarily excluded, as well as the accessories (memory and sound cards, stands, bags & cases, lots of cables...).

Not available anymore

Korg MS-20 analog monophonic synthesizer
Yamaha EX5 music workstation
Roland U-20 poliphonic synthesizer
Roland D-110 sound module
Yamaha MU-80 XG sound module
Lexicon MX200 dual effects processor
Roland TR-707 drum machine
Fostex DCM100 MIDI-controlled audio mixer
Fostex MixTab and Novation Nocturn tabletop MIDI controllers
Tascam Ministudio Porta One 4-tracks cassette recorder
Anatek Pocket Record MIDI recorder
Yamaha BC1 breath controller
M-Audio MidAir 25 wireless MIDI master keyboard & controller
JL Cooper MSB Plus rev.2 MIDI patchbay