This list is not intended as any kind of "endorsement" about the listed items!
Most of this stuff has been bought used or acquired at zero cost.

Microphones and audio

Sennheiser MD416-U, Shure BETA 58A, Electro-Voice N/D767a & Shure PG58 dynamic microphones

SM Pro Audio TC01 & TC02 tube preamps with optical compressor
dbx 286A & Focusrite VoiceMaster Platinum mic preamps with signal processors
Aphex mod. 612 & dbx 274 expanders-gates
Aphex mod. 104 Type C2 aural exciter

Rolls/RFX RP93S Patchwork MIDI-controlled audio switcher
Kawai MX-8SR 16-inputs analog stereo rack mixer
Montarbo PROMIX 573 12-inputs analog stereo mixer
TAPCO (by Mackie) 6306 6-inputs analog stereo mixer
Fostex VM200 & Event EZbus digital mixers

Focusrite Saffire PRO 24
audio & MIDI interface
Presonus Firestation ADAT converter
Behringer SRC2496 A/D-D/A & sample rate converter
Numark M101USB DJ mixer with USB audio interface

Farfisa TR70-OS & Laney AH50 combo amplifier
dB Technology MB80 powered monitor
Zoom 7010 Fire & Roland Mobile Cube mini-amplifiers with effects


Farfisa VIP-370 analog electronic organ
Rhodes Fifty Four electric piano
ELEX K3 analog electronic piano

Novation UltraNova & Alesis Micron polyphonic synthesizers with vocoder
Korg Wavestation EX & Z1 polyphonic synthesizers
Yamaha DX7 (with Grey Matter E! expansion board), Reface DX and SY35 polyphonic synthesizers
Radikal Technologies Accelerator polyphonic synthesizer (with one DSP expansion)
Ensoniq VFX-SD polyphonic synthesizer
Kawai K4 polyphonic synthesizer
M-Audio Venom polyphonic synthesizer
Roland D-50 polyphonic synthesizer
Waldorf Blofeld KB (black) polyphonic synthesizer
Korg 707 strap-on polyphonic synthesizer

GEM Equinox 61 music workstation
Kawai K5000W "Enhanced" music workstation
Korg TR 76 music workstation
Studiologic Numa Compact 2x stage keyboard

Korg Prophecy & Monotron monophonic synthesizers

MIDI sound modules

Soundart Chameleon programmable audio DSP engine
Yamaha MU100R XG compatible sound module (with VH-100 & VL-100 expansion boards)
Yamaha TG77 & FB-01 sound modules
Alesis QuadraSynth S4 Plus & QSR sound modules
Korg Wavestation SR, Wavestation A/D, 01R/W, TR-Rack & NS5R sound modules
Roland M-VS1, XV-5050 & P-55 sound modules
Casio VZ-10M sound module
E-mu UltraProteus
sound module
Ensoniq MR-Rack
sound module
Evolution Synthesis EVS-1 digital synthesis sound module
Kurzweil 1000 PX Plus sound module (expanded as 1200 Pro I)
Technics sx-WSA1R acoustic modeling sound module
Voce V3 tonewheel organ synthesizer with MIDI Drawbar controller
Kawai XD-5 percussion synthesizer
Casio FZ-10M sampler

Kawai K1m tabletop sound module
Arturia Origin Desktop Virtual Analog DSP tabletop sound module
Zoom RhythmTrak RT-323 rhythm unit

Zoom ARQ Aero RhythmTrak AR-96 rhythm unit, sequencer, MIDI controller, etc.

Sound processors

Lexicon Vortex & MPX 1 digital effects processors
Sony DPS-M7, DPS-D7 & DPS-F7 digital effects processors
Alesis Akira & QuadraVerb Plus digital effects processors
Boss SE-70 digital effects processor
Digitech TSR-24S digital effects processor
Ensoniq DP/2
digital effects processor
Korg A1 digital effects processor
Roland RSP-550 digital effects processor
Yamaha SPX-90 digital effects processor
Zoom 9010 & 9150 Valve DSP digital effects processors

Chaser EP-100 analog delay
Vesta DIG-410 digital delay
Digitech JamMan Solo XT phrase sampler & looper [2 units]
TC-Helicon VoiceWorks Plus vocal effects processor & harmonizer
Red Sound Systems Federation BPM FX-Pro effects processor & MIDI syncronizer
Korg Kaoss Pad 3 effects processor, looper, synth etc.
Zoom MS-70CDR multieffects pedal

MIDI controllers & processors

Studiologic VMK-188 Plus & Edirol PCR-300 MIDI master keyboards & controllers
Roland AX-7 MIDI keytar controller
M-Audio Keystation 32USB mini keyboard (first edition)
Yamaha YDD60 electronic drum machine
Yamaha MFC10 & Rolls/RFX MP1288 MIDIWizard MIDI foot controllers
Behringer BCR2000 & BCN44, Evolution UC-33e, Korg padKontrol, Arturia BeatStep & Kawai MM-16 tabletop MIDI controllers
Casio DH-100 & Yamaha WX11 MIDI wind controllers
Inspired Instruments YRG Gen2 Radius MIDI guitar controller
Roland PK-5 MIDI bass pedalboard

MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV-USB rack MIDI interface
Miditemp MP-44 MIDI player & matrix
JL Cooper Nexus Plus MIDI patchbay
Waldorf MIDIBAY MB-15 MIDI patchbay
Anatek SMP-16 MIDI and audio patchbay
Yamaha MEP4 MIDI event processor
MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus pocket MIDI event processor
M-Audio Mid Air MIDI wireless system & USB interface
HobbyTronics USB-MIDI-CONV2 & Kenton MIDI USB Host MkII MIDI-USB host interfaces

Other stuff

SaeHan SDC63 acoustic guitar with built-in pickup
DG De Gregorio Yaquì Makassar cajón
LP Latin Percussion Cyclops LP150 hand tambourine
Tycoon Percussion Twin Shakers
Tycoon Percussion TWM-70 hand cowbell
Hohner Blues Harp diatonic harmonica (tuned in G)
Hering Rollinha double diatonic harmonica (tuned in D and G)

The huge computer hardware and software (Atari ST, Mac, PC) is voluntarily excluded, as well as the accessories (memory and sound cards, stands, bags & cases, lots of cables...).

Not available anymore

Korg MS-20 analog monophonic synthesizer
Yamaha EX5 music workstation
Roland U-20 poliphonic synthesizer
Roland D-110 sound module
Yamaha MU-80 XG sound module
Lexicon MX200 dual effects processor
Roland TR-707 & Yamaha DD-55 drum machines
Fostex DCM100 MIDI-controlled audio mixer
Fostex MixTab & Novation Nocturn tabletop MIDI controllers
Tascam Ministudio Porta One 4-tracks cassette recorder
Anatek Pocket Record MIDI recorder
Yamaha BC1 breath controller
M-Audio MidAir 25 wireless MIDI master keyboard & controller
JL Cooper MSB Plus rev.2 MIDI patchbay
Mad Catz Mustang Pro MIDI guitar controller