Welcome !!!

This site, like many others, is the ego valve of an individual. But not only that.

What's inside here?
Music is my passion: creating it, playing it, singing it, listen to it. But also talking about it, organize shows or just see them as a spectator. In a single word, living it.

This site is bilingual italian / english (sorry in advance for any errors). Since I live in Italy, some contents will be only oriented to the "local market" and therefore they will not be translated in full.

Technical requirements
This site is optimized for a minimum video resolution of 800x600 pixel with a 16 bit colors depth, and an ambience temperature between -69 and +232 Celsius degrees. Except for particular contents with detailed requirements, for a correct access to this site you just need the activation of Javascript in your browser (use preferably a latest generation one; I suggest Firefox).

Navigation menu and site structure
This site uses the fabulous Javascript navigation menu by Ger Versluis (slightly modified by me). If you like cats, you must visit his site.

The structure of this site includes three sections: "The site", "Music", and"Various stuff".
The first section contains this presentation, a bunch of info pages about me, the calendar of past and future events that I attend, the list of songs in my repertoire and a sort of diary periodically updated with the latest news about me or the site.
The second section presents all the bands and musical projects (past and present) of my curriculum.
The third section contains everything that doesn't belong to the previous sections, and I really mean everything.

Legal notes and guidelines
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No Copyright is voluntarily infringed; in case you detect a violation of this statement please inform the

Some contents may be periodically removed (e.g. when obsolete and no longer useful even for historical purposes).